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Glasgow DEMOfest

The SAsSy project is progressing to a stage when we can demonstrate how various technologies fit together to achieve the ultimate goal of the project – to demonstrate how natural language and argumentation allow people to better understand a computer’s reasoning

DEMOfest is a technology showcase organised by the Scottish Informatics & Computer Science Alliance, Informatics Ventures and ScotlandIS. It serves as a an opportunity for people from industry and academia to come together and potentially move some of the new and exciting technologies from proofs of concept to cutting-edge products of near feature. Naturally, we jumped on the opportunity to show other researchers and entrepreneurs the fruits of our labour and to get some valuable feedback, as well to find potential partners for future work.

I personally found the DEMOfest to be a well organised and useful event. I had the opportunity to see what projects are being undertaken at various universities throughout Scotland and it was amazing to see the breadth of the presented projects. One could find projects focusing on mobile devices, human-computer interaction, security, natural language, artificial intelligence and other interesting topics. I also engaged with number of visitors from industry who were interested in SAsSy and the technologies used in the project. Some of the discussions I had lead to interesting ideas that we might consider pursuing within the SAsSy project.

The next DEMOfest is scheduled for 11th of February here in Aberdeen (at the Robert Gordon University) and I am looking forward to present new and improved version of our software.

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