Introducing the team – Nir


Nir Oren

I’m Nir, an investigator on SAsSy. I’ve always been a tinkerer, spending a bit of time on some problem I find interesting before moving to the next shiny thing (not something I actually recommend to anyone). Most of my tinkering has focused on various aspects of artificial intelligence, with the aim of “building machines that think”. While we’re a long long way away from achieving this goal, a good first step seemed to be thinking about how we think. It seemed to me that people tend to think in arguments (e.g. I should do this because of X,Y,Z; X because of reasons A and B, etc), and this led me into studying this topic. Along the way, I discovered that we’ve already got some very powerful AI tools, but that these are typically impenetrable to people. Given this, it seems to make sense to try describe how these tools operate in the same way people reason, i.e. using arguments, and here I am, working on SAsSy and trying to build arguments to explain how machines think. If you want to find out more about me, see this page.


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