Introducing the team – Judith


Judith Masthoff

I am interested in how computers can adapt themselves to humans. People differ in many ways. For example, we differ in knowledge, experience, and personality. We differ in which information interests us, how we prefer to process information, and whether we prefer pictures or words (or even logic). The Sassy project is trying to explain to people why the autonomous systems -agents- have agreed upon a particular plan.  Explaining every step in the agents’ reasoning can be very cumbersome. Some people will just want a quick summary, and particularly of the part of the plan that is most relevant to their job. They may not want to be explained details they already know. Together with Nava, my role in the project is to investigate how best to explain for a particular person. That involves doing studies with people to see what they like best, what allows them to do their job most effectively and most accurately. I will also help with the public engagement activities of Sassy, trying to explain the science. (For an example of a public engagement website of a project I have worked on see the Joking Computer:


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